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Stephen Leifer

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Stephen Leifer was born in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, New York. Graduated from S.J.Tilden High School and served in the armed forces in Viet-Nam. Upon his return to the USA, Steve went back to college getting his B.B.A. from Baruch College of the City of New York. He moved his family to Florida in 1992. His wife of 42 years, Ellen, is a guidance counselor in the Palm Beach County School System. They reside in Boca Raton. He has a son Adam who is a freelance T.V. sound technician and a daughter Margot who is a CPA and is Sr. V.P. of Investor & Media Relations at Moelis & Co.an investment banking firm. 

Steve spent the better part of 30 years in different areas of the textile industry and like many other Americans, was displaced when their industry left our shores during the globalization of the world’s economy. Steve chased the industry around the globe, literally, building up his frequent flyer miles. However that was not the goal and he soon found the chase unproductive. The need to continue to provide for his family and to maintain a lifestyle that he had created for them was more than a challenge. The result was devastating to his credit profile. 

This predicament created an awareness of the importance of good credit as well as the problems created by the burden of debt. A stint working in the Credit Counseling business ten years ago, opened his eyes to remedies for his situation. Credit restoration was the vehicle and Steve has been helping consumers ever since, to correct problems relating to consumer debt, and credit reporting. 

Steve is CEO of New You Financial Services. He belongs to the Credit Repair Boot Camp Hall of Fame where he attends a twice a year credit education conclave to insure that his clients have the best representation in their attempt to better their credit profiles as well as their quality of life. He is a member of the Credit Consultant’s Association and a  Member of NACSO, The National Association of Credit Services Organizations as well as an Associate Member of the Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals.