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Stephen Leifer - Friday, August 16, 2019
by Mike Albanese The acceleration of the decline of cash buyers continued in June, as a new report in USA Today reveals that just 16% of home buyers paid in cash. The report, which sources information from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) (https://www.nar.realtor/about-nar), states that the shifts can be traced to less competitive and buyers-friendly markets, and falling mortgage rates. The NAR states that existing home sales fell 4.2% in the first half of the  ..

The Many Ways to Be Relieved of Your Timeshare Obligations

Stephen Leifer - Friday, February 02, 2018
While it is true that a timeshare contract is a binding legal document, it is often mistakenly thought that such a contract cannot only be cancelled. In fact, most timeshare companies maintain that their contracts are non – cancellable. This misconception is perpetuated by timeshare companies and user groups that are funded, maintained and controlled by the timeshare industry. The truth of the matter is, that under the law, contracts are cancellable for a variety of reasons, inc ..

Why millennials can’t buy homes

Stephen Leifer - Wednesday, November 08, 2017
https://www.marketwatch.com/story/student-debt-is-delaying-millennial-homeownership-by-seven-years-2017-09-18 ..

Why Some Consumers May See a Significant Jump in their Credit in July 2017

Stephen Leifer - Wednesday, July 26, 2017
New improved standards for using public records became effective in July 2017 for credit reporting companies. The new changes will result in the increase of many individuals’ credit scores, some as much as 20 points. The major changes are based on excluding information related to tax liens and civil judgments on consumer’s credit reports. About seven percent of the American population will benefit from the changes. Having a higher credit score can result in a number of pos ..

Have Bad Credit But Need a New Vehicle? Here’s What To Do!

Stephen Leifer - Friday, June 30, 2017
Good credit opens doors in the financial world – including doors to purchasing a new vehicle – but what do you do if your credit is shot and you need a new car? It is possible to buy a new vehicle even if you have bad credit, but you need to do the following to make it work: Before shopping, check your credit score. It might be better than you think – but it could also be worse. Either way, try not to get too emotional. You want to know what you are dealing wit ..

How Your Credit Score Affects Your Student Loan

Stephen Leifer - Friday, March 10, 2017
Student loans are often the first thing that appears on a person’s credit history. Despite having to make installment payments, these type of loans usually do not hold the same value as credit card, vehicle, or other loans when it comes to establishing credit. However, the amount owed on your student loan does have an impact on your credit score – and since student loans are often tens of thousands of dollars, the effects can be devastating. Your loan can help you build credi ..