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Getting a Grip on Credit Accounts: Tips You Can Use!

Stephen Leifer - Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Credit card debt can be crippling and spin out of control faster than you anticipate. Even extreme credit situations are possible to repair, but it takes time and requires dedication on your part. If you are drowning in consumer credit card debt you are not alone – but that is no reason not to take action and create a better financial life for yourself and your family.


Here are a few tips for accomplishing this:


Pay Balances in Full Each Month


This might be tough, but if it is possible, you should pay credit card balances in full each month. This allows you to avoid interest fees, which can add thousands of dollars to your debt over time. Limited time offer cards that allow you to postpone payments or not pay interest for a certain period of time should be paid before the offer expires.


Make Sure You and Your Spouse are on the Same Page


There is nothing worse than committing to getting your financial life in order, only to realize your spouse has been accumulating debt while you were working to eliminate it. Before you take action, have a detailed discussion with your spouse about your plans. Talk about why you want to get debt under control and make a reasonable plan for how you will achieve this.


Understand the Purposes of Credit Cards


Some people believe the best way to have good credit is to not have credit cards. This isnot true. Credit cards are necessary in today’s world and they must be used responsibly in order to establish yourself as being credit-worthy. However, it is not necessary to carry balances from month to month or to rack up huge debts on your cards. Part of having good credit is having plenty of “available credit,” which means you want to have cards, but keep them with low or no balance.


If you are interested in learning more about how you can get your credit under control, contact New You Financial Services at www.newyoufinancial.com.


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