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Will Equifax ever pay the price for massive hack?

Stephen Leifer - Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Eighteen months since news of the colossal data breach at Equifax broke, the company responsible for one of the country’s largest, and likely the most damaging, losses of personal information has yet to face monetary penalties. At the same time, very little has been done in the way of reform. That could soon change. According to Equifax’s annual report (https://otp.tools.investis.com/clients/us/equifax/SEC/sec-show.aspx?Type=html&FilingId=13243973&CIK=0000033185&a ..

Buying a Home with Bad Credit? Credit Repair Can Help!

Stephen Leifer - Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Buying a home is frustrating enough, but it can be downright demoralizing if you have bad credit. The good news is it is possible to get a mortgage, even if your credit history is less than perfect. Here are a few tips: Traditional banks rarely offer mortgages to those with bad credit, but you can find sub-prime lenders that extend credit for mortgages, as long as you are willing to pay higher interest and/or fees. This is not the best option because many find themselves overextended in  ..

Understanding the Timeclock for Debt Purposes

Stephen Leifer - Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Each state has what is called a “statute of limitations” for the purposes of collecting debt. This is essentially a timeclock that a creditor or debt collection company has to file a legal complaint against a person that owes a debt to it. Normally, the timeclock starts ticking on the date of last activity for the account. However, the time limit varies by each state, with some states allowing for debts to be collected three, five or seven years from this date or other amounts ..