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We have aligned ourselves with one of the best tax resolution firms in the industry. The firm is comprised of CPA's. EA's and former IRS managers, agents and teaching instructors having over 65 years of combined IRS experience, resolving IRS and state tax problems. In addition, they have tax attorneys available to work FBAR and tax litigation services.


What is so special about this firm?

  • Years of experience-They know the system and the protocols involved
  • They know how the IRS will close a casegiven the client's set of circumstances. Many times they can change the outcomeof cases by planning in advance before speaking or meeting with the IRS.
  • All client work is done in-house, which means that clients are speaking with the people who are actually handling their case.
  • Due to their experience, they are able to work the case quickly and efficiently and still take the extra steps to insure that their client gets the best results.
  • All tax rsolution cases are flat fee billed. There is no hourly billing so that the client knows upfront how much their tax resolution fee will be.


Client Services Provided:

  • Unfiled Tax Returns: Current and Prior Years
  • Back Taxes Owed From Prior Years-Individual,Business,Payroll and Trust Fund
  • Bank or Wage Garnishment/Levy
  • IRS and State Payment Plans
  • Offer in Compromise-Tax Debt Settlement
  • IRS and State Tax Audits
  • Federal Tax Liens
  • Tax Debt Forgiveness/1099C
  • Fast Track Analysis

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